Mulching has many added benefits other than being visually appealing. The most appealing being that maintenance on your flower beds goes down, but the most beneficial is to your plants: the mulch provides added nutrients making them healthier. 

How does mulching make my plants healthier?

There are four reasons why your plants become healthier from mulch:

  1. Moisture retention: mulch helps retain the moisture from rain and irrigation allowing your plants to grow.
  2. Soil Temperature Control: mulch serves as an insulating layer for the soil. With the ever-changing temperature in Cleveland this is much needed. 
  3. Weed Suppression: the layer of mulch suppresses the sun from reaching any weeds that may want to poke through.
  4. Soil Nutrients: organic mulch breaks down over time and adds much needed nutrients to your soil.

What kind of mulch does Seasonal Yard Work provide?

Seasonal Yard Work offers dyed mulch like black and brown. Looking for more of a natural look? We also have a natural mulch or even sweet pea that is all organic with extra nutrients.

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