Weed-Free Bed Maintenance

    Are you tired of weeding through your flower beds? Spending too much of your valuable time weeding instead of where it really matters? Weed-free bed maintenance is the perfect option for you.

    Seasonal Yard Work is the only local company with a weed-free bed system. We put down the most powerful pre-emergent a contractor can buy.

    Weed-Free Bed Maintenance Process:

    We apply the pre-emergent to the beds to eliminate or reduce the growth of weeds. Our men will come by once every six weeks to kill any weeds that have gotten through out barrier. At this time, they will also re-apply the pre-emergent to any areas that need a little more killer for no extra cost.

    Seasonal Yard Work is dedicated to providing the best service.


    Weed-Free Bed Maintenance

      Weed Free Bed Maintenance | Seasonal Yard Work

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      Once your flower beds are taken down to weed-free maintenance, you may want to consider fertilizing your lawn.

      fertilizing your lawn

      Our fertilizing program will put other businesses to shame. Fertilizing is the most important chemical you can apply to reduce weeds and make your lawn stand out from your neighbors.

      Trusted Fertilizing 

      Our fertilizing business is partially owned by the person who actually applies the fertilizers. That means you will have an owner of the company on your lawn maintaining it and looking it over one time per week for six weeks.

      Don't forget to aerate

      Aeration is the single most important natural service you can do to ensure your lawns healthiness. So, what is aeration? Aeration is the when we put 2 to 3-inch holes in your ground with a machine and remove a core plug. This allows the soil to become unpacked and the natural nutrients from the sun and rain to hit the roots of the existing lawn.

      Why do I need Aeration?

      After mowing your lawn several times the tire on the machine pack down the soil then compresses the roots. Aeration reverses this and allows the roots the freedom they need to flourish.

      When to Aerate your Lawn

      The best time to aerate your lawn is during the growing season. This gives your lawn enough time to heal and fill in any open areas where plugs were removed. We recommend aerating your lawn while the grass is cool, like in spring or fall. 

      What do I do after Aeration?

      We recommend following up aeration with fertilization

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