Old, Overgrown, Outdated Yard? You Need a Landscape Refresh |Seasonal Yard Work | Cleveland, Ohio

Seasonal Yard Work can revive your yard | Avon, Ohio

Does your landscape look colorless, sad, and over weeded? Is your landscape 10 or 15 years old? Don't have the time to spend reviving your yard? No worries! Landscape refreshes are our specialty at Seasonal Yard Work!

Landscape Refresh from Seasonal Yard Work

We can come to your house and in one day completely remodel your yard to make it more lively, colorful and overall look more aesthetically pleasing. Our tear-out and replace service is the perfect option for someone who just does not have the time to work on their yard.

Revive Your Soil Beds

After 10 to 15 years, a landscape is tired and needs to be revitalized with new soil, mulch, and nutrients to help keep your plants thriving throughout the years. 

If you just bought a new home and it came with a drab landscape, we can help make it how you envision it, or we can take full creative control and give you a yard that is on top of the trends.

Before Landscape Refresh:Landscape refresh by Seasonal Yard Work | Avon, OhioAfter Landscape Refresh:After landscape refresh with Seasonal Yard Work | North Ridgeville, Ohio

Get a Thick Green Lawn with Sod

If you're looking for the instant gratification of a one-day landscape makeover, we've got you covered. We can tear-out your old grass and replace it with sod. Sod is a thin layer of soil with a thick layer of live grass rooted in that soil. We take the rolls of sod and install it over top of your lawn, and it gives your yard the look of fully-grown grass in just a few hours!

Other Services 

While we are at your home recreating your landscape, we can also help you with power washing any dirty surfaces, sealing any cracks in your patio, driveway, or sidewalk, and much more.

Whatever your case is, if you need help bringing your yard back to live, Season Yard Work knows exactly what you need. Not only do we have many years of experience designing all different types of landscapes, but we also have the ability to get most projects done in just one day!

Seasonal Yard Work can revive your yard | Avon, Ohio

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Old, Overgrown, Outdated Yard? You Need a Landscape Refresh

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