Seasonal Yard Work Power Washing Services in Avon, OH

power washing in Avon, OH

Do you have a patio, driveway, or even a deck that is looking old and worn? Is it covered in mold, moss, weeds or just look faded from the sun? If so, Seasonal Yard Work can help you with one of our power washing packages!

We offer two different types of power washing services at Seasonal Yard Work, the
heated power washing or regular power washing, both guaranteeing you a cleaner surface than our competitors. 

In general, this service takes three days to complete, not because it is a lengthy project, but because we need time for the surface to dry in between each step.

There are three steps to our power washing services!

Power Washing

So, you noticed that your patio, driveway, deck, gutters, house siding, or any other outdoor area on your property is looking a little dirty or faded? The first step is to take a power washer to the surface to clean up the dirt, weeds, moss, etc. 


If the surface we a cleaning up for you is a patio, drive, deck, or any surface with joints that allow for weeds to grow, we will backfill the cracks. 

After the surface is dry, we backfill the crevices with polymer sand. This keeps any more weeds or moisture from coming up through to your patio or deck.


After we sanded the surface, we come back and seal it to further preserve the patio, allowing it to look new for a very long time

Before and After Seasonal Yard Work's Power Washing Services:

power wash before and after | Avon, OHThis is an example of a paver patio before and after our power washing services. You can really tell how the colors pop on the right of the picture after it has been washed and sealed!

So, if you want to know more about how you can get your yard all polished up and shiny clean with power washing, contact us at Seasonal Yard Work today! 

power washing in Avon, OH

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