Secrets You Need to Know on Northeast Ohio Lawn Aeration

Getting air, water, and nutrients to the roots of your Northeast Ohio lawn helps it thrive. When roots are nourished, they grow more deeply and produce a more vibrant, vigorous lawn.

You may think this process happens naturally. After all, dirt is porous. But the truth is that the clay-based soils of this area are not easy to penetrate. Plus the vibrant fall leaves and colorful summer blooms eventually create heavy layers of thatch on lawns. 

Mowers and other vehicles, children’s playing feet, as well as backyard parties also compact the soil leaving it unable to breathe. Your lawn requires help to catch its breath.

However, don’t pull out the “keep off lawn” signs. Your yard is not only meant to look good but to host your family’s activities. Aeration perforates the soil to break the surface and allow needed elements to reach the grasses’ roots.

Secrets you need to know on northeast oh lawn aeration | Seasonal Yard WorkWhy aerate my lawn?

Aerating your lawn offers the following benefits.

  1. Your grass can breathe. In other words, aeration alleviates soil compaction. As a result, nutrients, water, and air can reach the roots.
  2. Water issues are resolved. Thatch or heavy debris hold water on the surface. Drainage problems and lawn disease result. Aeration breaks this layer and allows water to drain.
  3. Fertilizer is well used. If water cannot penetrate your soil either can fertilizer and other nutrients. When grass is properly aerated, less product is required to build a healthy lawn.

When should I aerate my lawn?

Fortunately, in Northeast Ohio, the summer months draw to a close and offer the perfect break for your lawn. Aerating in the fall at the end of the growing season prepares your yard for the harsh winter temperatures ahead.

September and October are the perfect time to aerate lawns before the ground freezes beneath the Lake Erie snow. This time frame gives your yard the opportunity to heal, filling the open spots left from removing soil plugs.

With the familiar clay-based soils of Northeast Ohio, aerating annually is recommended. Also, the cool-season turf in this area which includes fescue, bluegrass and ryegrass cry for yearly fall aeration, as opposed to waiting until the spring.

Who do I trust to aerate my lawn?

A professional lawn care service, like Seasonal Yard Work, knows the nature and state of your Northeast Ohio lawn. Plus, our experts understand the role the shift from warm summers to harsh winters plays on your yard’s health.

Our expertise:

  • Plans effective soil plug spacing around your landscape features
  • Balances the management of thatch
  • Deals with weeds which also grow in healthier soil
  • Saves you hours in research and the time-consuming process of aeration
  • Brings professional equipment to your yard

Hiring professionals like Seasonal Yard Work prove a worthy investment. Give us a call today to schedule your lawn aeration project.

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