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Instant Gratification of a Thick Green Lawn with Sod

By Seasonal Yard Work
June 07, 2019 Category: Sod Install

If youre looking for the instant gratification of a one-day landscape makeover, weve got you covered. We can tear-out your old grass and replace it with sod. What is Sod? Sod is a thin layer of soil with a thick layer of live grass rooted in that soil. We take the rolls of sod and install it over top of your lawn, and it gives your yard the look of fully-grown grass in just a few hours! Sod vs. Planting Grass With sod, you get the thick green lawn youve always wanted in just a few hours. Whereas, with planting grass, you could have to wait up to three to five years to have the same look of sod. That being said, sod is a little bit more expensive than planting grass, but you get the results you want right away! Fresh Cut Look 24/7 We can install sod on your property in different patterns. For example, in the photo above, we have rolled the sod in a certain way so that it looks freshly mowed all the time! With summer almost in full swing, you want to get your yard in tip-top

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