Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Seasonal Yard Work offers outdoor lighting that will make your landscape stand out from the rest. We use the top brand of landscape lighting from Vista Lighting and Kichler Lighting.

We offer outdoor lighting for your home, trees, landscape bed or the entire woods behind your home. Outdoor lighting brings a sense of security to your property because it will always be lit. Don’t be afraid that your electricity bill will increase dramatically by installing outdoor lighting, we use low voltage or L.E.D. lighting for our outdoor lighting.

Customize Your Outdoor Lighting

Our outdoor lighting projects are 100% customizable, from design to color – you get to choose. Whether you want your house to be in the holiday spirit or just want some elegant lighting to light-up your landscape, we’ll personalize your outdoor lighting for you and your property.

Putting Your Outdoor Lighting on a Timer

You can put your outdoor lighting on a timer for security, or just so the bulbs change color every few seconds, whatever you want. There are built-in timers and photocells that we can offer to you that allow you to set your outdoor lights to come on and off with the sunlight. Don’t want to rely on the sunlight? Set your outdoor lights to come on and turn off at specific times of the day.

Want to be able to control your outdoor lighting from anywhere you are? We offer Bluetooth enabled outdoor lighting. Interested? Ask us about it! 

The Advantages of Low Voltage Lighting

The great thing about low voltage lighting is that you do not need an electrician or a permit from the city. The wires are barely under the surface and have just little more power than an ordinary speaker wire. 


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