Driveway Replacement

Driveway Replacement

If we can’t save you money by leveling your driveway, Seasonal Yard Work is equipped to replace it for you.

Driveway Replacement Process

If we’re unable to save your driveway, we’ll need to replace it. Check out our typical driveway replacement process below:

  1. First, we’ll have to get a permit from the city to replace your drive, and the city will have to come and inspect your foundation.
  2. Once everything has been approved, we’ll begin our work by cutting the driveway into small sections. This ensures safe removal. We will take the pieces to our recycling plant.
  3. Then, we will add stone as needed to re-level the area.
  4. We will put our forms where the old driveway was (unless you want a customized more user-friendly driveway).

    a.)At this time we could widen the drive, add a turnaround, make the front walk more decorative
  5. Once we are done framing out the drive we will call the city to inspect our work.
  6. After getting the green light from the city (Because Seasonal Yard Work always does a great job), we’ll pour your new driveway.

    a.) Our seasoned veteran will finish the concrete, with more than 50 years of experience in the concrete trade
  7. You’ll choose a finish for your concrete: broom finish or hand troll? And you’ll also choose a border: 3 inches or 6 inches? – These details are the finishing touches that will make your drive stand out.
  8. After the drive has been poured, we’ll come back the next day to remove the forms and seal the driveway.
  9. You’ll need to wait 7 days until you can drive a car on your drive

Important: During the driveway replacement process it is important you inform your local police department that you will be parked on the streets for a few nights.

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