Why You Should Trust a Professional To Seal Your Driveway

Ah, summertime! Warm weather, lots of sunshine—it’s that time of year that you get the DIY fever. So many projects, so little time. But if you’re thinking about taking on the DIY project of sealing your own patio or driveway—think again. This is a job best left to a professional. Here’s why:

Most DIYers attempt to do this job with a roller, which does not work well for application of the latex- or oil-based sealer material. You will probably end up better covered than your driveway—you’ll have little specs of material all over yourself by the time you’re through.

Driveway repairs and sealcoating are best left to professionals like us. We have actually responded to many calls to come fix a DIY driveway.

How many DIY projects have you had where you thought you’d save money, but you actually end up spending way more when all is said and done? The price of hiring a professional is actually very reasonable. DIYers think they’re saving money, but you will spend hundreds on sealer, pre-sealer for cracks, buckets, brushes, stirrers, rollers and more. In fact, each 5 gallon container alone costs $40 or more and covers only 300 square feet. You’ll need several containers. (And you have to store all of this in your garage when you’re done).

We buy materials in bulk, so needless to say, we never have to return to the hardware store to buy more supplies.

We use a professional two-part application process. Our professional sprayer application covers large areas in a single pass, and our mop application is used on the driveway edges. We normally leave an open 1-foot perimeter around the edges when spraying, then come back and use the mop application around the edges to ensure the sealer does not get on your home, yard or curb. Prior to sealing, we will tarp off all of the driveway borders-yard, garage doors, home, curb—to protect them from overspray. We even disperse and level the sealant for a professional look.

We will make sure that your driveway is truly sealed rather than just lightly painted. Preparation of the surface is the most important step, and we will pre-treat the surface to fill in any cracks and imperfections prior to sealing, and apply enough solution to truly seal it.

Materials are very important. We can help you make the choice of sealant material. Asphalt sealant is less expensive, and latex emulsion sealer is a bit more costly, but it seals more quickly. You can usually drive on your driveway the next day rather than waiting 48 hours or more for the asphalt to cure. Regardless of which we use, mixing sealant is a very meticulous process that must be done in a climate-controlled facility. Leave it to us rather than trying to mix store-bought sealants yourself. It is a very messy job!

Before and After Sealing a New Patio:

Before Sealing a New Patio | Seasonal Yard Work After Sealing a Patio | Seasonal Yard Work

Increase your curb appeal rather than creating a DIY driveway that is an eyesore to your neighbors. Hire us-we’ll do it right. Your driveway will endure in the heat of the summer and in the ice of the winter.

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