Sharp Mower Blades Make Healthy Grass

Sharp Mower Blads Make for Healthier Grass | Seasonal Yard WorkMany people would find it hard to believe that the core of a healthy lawn begins with a good sharp mower blade. Dull mower blades do not cut your grass so much as the force of the blade will tear and damage your grass. This is bad for both your grass and your mower. The duller your blade the harder the mowing job is on the mower itself and the more fuel it needs to consume to do the job.

Torn grass blades become weaker and more prone to disease as the breaks in the plants allow a larger point of entry into the plant for infection. The ragged torn look will make your lawn look less appealing and if your blade is dull you might even tear whole tufts of grass out of the lawn itself. The ragged edges of torn grass will yellow and die to give your yard a less than green look.  Dull mowings can result in damage to your grass that can even be confused for mold growth.

Sharp mower blades, on the other hand, are an essential to maintaining a good healthy lawn. When your mower's blades are sharp it will give a good clean cut as you pass over your lawn. Sharp nick free mower blades will leave your lawn less damaged. The plant will recover from the cutting more quickly and will little stress. Further, promoting a healthy yard. A sharp lawn mower blade will cut your lawns grass smooth and in one pass of the blade.

Often with dull blades, it will take two or three passes of blade to finally tear the grass in half. This damage stresses your grass and causes your plant's growth to slow. The slower growth is due to the plant having to shift its nutrients from growth to recovery. Less growth will contribute to your grass becoming weaker and thinning. This will promote a growing environment for unwanted weeds

On the other hand, a well-trimmed lawn promotes growth and drought tolerance. A well-cut lawn will also promote more grass growth. This growth will result in a thicker lusher lawn. The thicker and healthier your lawn becomes the lawn itself will defend against weeds. Thick Healthy grass will crowd out weeds as the grass thrives.

If you have any questions about maintaining a healthy yard in the Avon Ohio area. Please contact Seasonal Yard Work Inc. We specialize in maintaining beautiful outdoor living spaces. We will treat your yard like our own.

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