Edging is when we run a specialty machine along the edge where the grass meets the flower bed. The most common border we install is a natural edge.

Edging offers an appealing aesthetic for your planting area that can’t be denied and adds an added benefit for your landscape.

Benefits for your Landscape include:

  1. Space Definition: helps define the gardening area from the rest of the yard.
  2. Garden Containment: since it defines where the garden should grow below the soil line, edging should prevent roots from growing outside the bed
  3. Maintenance: the bed edge means less fuss for you when mowing and weeding. It also controls where fertilization and chemical applications are applied. 

Sidewalk Edging

Give your grass a polished look by having a professional edge your lawn. Edging makes your entire lawn look sharp. The crisp line along your sidewalk or driveways edge will set your lawn apart from your neighbors. 

If you're interested in our edging services, give us a call or fill out the form on this page. 

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