Fall Clean Ups Boost Your Lawn's Health (and Saves You Money)

Fall Clean Ups Boost Your Lawn's Health (and Saves You Money)

The fall brings a burst of color to Northeast Ohio and a fading energy for lawn maintenance. After all, the mowing, weeding, and gardening of the summer draw to a close with the harvest. Smells of pumpkin and visions of football games bring you indoors. Right?

While you are close to being able to squirrel away and forget your lawn until next spring, you are not there yet. A fall clean up proves essential to your lawn’s health and ability to survive the harsh winter predicted in Cleveland this year.

Why is a good lawn clean up so important in the fall?

Seeds Can Root

The fall proves the ideal time to seed worn or bare spots in your yard. However, without good soil contact, seeds cannot root. Natural debris such as dead plants and falling leaves create a layer over the ground. This thatch prevents seed from reaching the soil and taking root. Even the highest quality lawn-specific seed is no match for thatch.

A fall clean up gives seeds room to root for a lusher lawn.

Fall Clean Up | Seasonal Yard WorkGrass Can Breathe

Thatch also presents problems for your existing grass. In short, it suffocates it. Add autumn rains or an early snow and leaves and debris become packed down posing an even greater threat to your lawn. Grass needs sunlight and water in the fall to prepare for the cold temperatures ahead. Thatch prevents these needed elements from reaching the grass.

A fall clean up allows sunlight and water to nourish your grass producing healthier roots.

Get out and Enjoy your Yard

Damp, soggy layers of leaves and debris grow unsightly in the months prior to the first snowfall. Plus, this debris does not magically disappear beneath a blanket of lake effect. This means that the spring thaw reveals a dank mess. Spring clean up becomes more of a hassle and the damage mentioned above requires time and attention.

A fall clean up reveals a lawn to be enjoyed in the autumn months as well as the spring. 

The bare spots, dead grass and decomposing leaf thatch of the spring prove more than an eyesore. These issues can cost thousands to repair. To ensure a lush, healthy lawn in the spring and a reduced lawn care bill, a fall clean up proves vital.

Add family fun to the benefits of a fall clean up by jumping in leaf piles or sharing apple cider after an afternoon of yard work. Contact Seasonal Yard Work & Landscaping, Inc to take care of your lawn with expertise.

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