Get the Patio or Deck of Your Dreams with Seasonal Yard Work & Landscaping, Inc

Get the Patio or Deck of Your Dreams with Seasonal Yard Work & Landscaping, Inc -

Seasonal Yard Work & Landscaping, Inc specializes in building and maintaining all outdoor living spaces. We do paver patios, stamp patios, and composite decks to help you transform your yard into a beautiful space for entertaining or just lounging! 

Paver Patios

Paver patio done by Seasonal Yard Work with warranty | Avon, Ohio

So, for instance, this here is a paver patio. All of our paver patios are built on top of a concrete base. This way you have no settling, no weeds, no moss. And, we have a lifetime guarantee on all of our paver patios! Nothing's going to happen to this patio. But, if for some odd reason it does settle, the warranty is there to protect you.

We're one of the few companies that use concrete as the base for patios. Most other companies use small stones as the base underneath your patio. This is not very effective because the stones allow moisture to come up which leads to weeds and moss growing on your patio. 

Then you also run the risk of any settling issues. Your yard is continuously moving especially after winter with the freeze and the thaw. It only makes sense to use concrete as the base as it is much more sturdy.

Our first paver patio was put in 15 years ago, and we still have never been back to any of the patios we’ve done on concrete!

Stamp Concrete Patio

Stamp patio done by Seasonal Yard Work 100 percent customizable with warranty | Avon, OH

This is a stamp concrete job. It was a light grey with a charcoal release stamp, but it comes in multiple colors, shapes, and sizes. These are a popular patio choice because they are 100% customizable. And, we are one of the only companies in Ohio with any sort of warranty on concrete. So, if this patio decides to start settling. We will come and lifted for free.

Composite Decks

Deck installed by Seasonal Yard Work, pergola built too | Avon, OH

This is a beautiful composite deck that we did, and it was it's just a heck of an entertaining place. We built the pergola over the top of it has two fireplace or two heaters in it and a fan. These composite decks are also 100% customizable, and we offer an extended warranty from the manufacturer on the product itself!

If you want to spruce up your yard with a patio or a deck, contact us at Seasonal Yard Work & Landscaping, Inc where you can get the exact patio or deck you want with the reassurance of one of our extended or lifetime warranties! 

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Seasonal Yard Work gives you the patin and or deck of your dreams  |Cleveland, OH

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