Junk / Dirt Removal

Junk / Dirt Removal

If your garage or yard got past the point of return - then you need our junk and dirt removal service. It is available to you no matter the season: summer or winter. Hire the Seasonal Yard Work crew to remove all the garbage and debris.

Dirt Mound Cleanup and Haul Away

Seasonal Yard Work’s junk removal service operates like any other of its kind, except we offer dirt mound clean-ups and haul away. Let us do all the dirty work and keep your hands clean while we clean up the:

  • Pile of dirt your contractor left behind after he dug up your yard for your pool (or we can regrade the dirt)
  • Piles of Old Wood or Ply Wood (with our Skidsteer Bobcat)
  • The stump grindings leftover from when your tree was removed (and replace the grindings with soil to get new grass to grow)

Whatever junk or dirt removal requirement may be, we’ll load up our dump trucks and haul off your junk, dirt, debris or garbage off to the appropriate dump site.

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