Weekly Maintenance

    Seasonal Yard Work is a full-service lawn care and landscape maintenance company. Although we provide many other outdoor services, our maintenance is the heart of our company. 

    Check out all the maintenance packages Seasonal Yard Work has to offer:


    Interested in adding mulch to your landscape? Not only is it visually appealing but it can be beneficial to your plants.


    A bed border cleans up the lines of your garden to make it more aesthetically appealing. Seasonal Yard Work can maintain the edging of your yard. Our most common edging install is the natural edge. 

    Weekly Mowing

    Seasonal Yard Work offers a weekly mowing service.

    Mr. Level

    Mr. Level is a leveling service of sunken slabs of concrete. Seasonal Yard Work has experience leveling many different types of concerete. Why spend tons of money replacing your concrete when you can level it?


    Overgrown shrubs and trees becoming too overwhelming for you to maintain? Hire the professionals at Seasonal Yard Work to come out to your property to take care of your trimming needs.

    Irrigation Systems Maintenance

    Keep your irrigation system in the best shape for every season with Seasonal Yard Work's irrigation systems maintenance. We offer maintenance to prepare you for every season. 


    Looking to drastically improve the healthiness of your lawn? Aeration is a great route. Seasonal Yard Work is the perfect company to provide this service.

    5-6 Step Fertilizing

    Want to reduce your weeds and make your lawn stand out? Seasonal Yard Work's 5-6 step fertilizing maintenance program will put other businesses to shame.

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