Mulching has many added benefits other than being visually appealing. The most appealing being that maintenance on your flower beds goes down, but the most beneficial is to your plants: the mulch provides added nutrients making them healthier. 

How does mulching make my plants healthier?

There are four reasons why your plants become healthier from mulch:

  1. Moisture retention: mulch helps retain the moisture from rain and irrigation allowing your plants to grow.
  2. Soil Temperature Control: mulch serves as an insulating layer for the soil. With the ever-changing temperature in Cleveland, this is much needed. 
  3. Weed Suppression: the layer of mulch suppresses the sun from reaching any weeds that may want to poke through.
  4. Soil Nutrients: organic mulch breaks down over time and adds much-needed nutrients to your soil.

What kind of mulch does Seasonal Yard Work provide?

Seasonal Yard Work offers dyed mulch like black and brown. Looking for more of a natural look? We also have a natural mulch or even sweet pea that is all organic with extra nutrients.

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