When to Use Pre-Emergent Lawn Care

When to Use Pre-Emergent Lawn Care -

Controlling Weed Growth in Your Garden

Do you have a problem with weeds always sprouting up in your garden? There is nothing more frustrating than watching your beautiful flowers and plants come into bloom, only to be suffocated by weeds that grow and take over your landscaping.

Today we are going to be taking a look at using pre-emergent law care methods so that you can stop the growth of weeds before they get started. First, let’s take a look at how most people normally handle weeds growing around their property.

How You May Be Handling Weeds Now

Most of us wait until weeds start growing rapidly before we start to do something about it. That usually means that we are taking out the hand shovels to dig out those nagging weeds, and probably getting out your herbicides to kill them off.

What if there was a better way to handle getting rid of weeds?

What if you started using a method of treatment that kept weeds from growing?

Pre-Emergent Lawn Care

So, what is pre-emergent lawn care? All that fancy terminology basically means that you are going to stop weeds in their tracks before they start overtaking your garden, lawn, driveway, or sidewalk.

The difference between pre-emergent law care vs. just using an herbicide after a weed has grown, or simply just mulching over the weeds, is that a pre-emergent can kill the seeds of your weeds permanently so that they don’t grow back. When you just cover up existing weeds with a new layer of mulch, your weeds and their seeds can stay dormant for years, and can grow back at any time. The seeds that are deep within the dirt or mulch can even survive the use of herbicides if you are using them on growing weeds.

What is so effective about a pre-emergent is that they can kill the weed, and they stay in the top layer of your soil to prevent future weeds from growing. Pre-emergent lawn care stops the vicious cycle of killing weeds, only to have them regrow seasonally so that you have to kill them again.

When You Should Use Pre-Emergent

When you need to use pre-emergent is all dependent on the seasons that you see the most weeds. Depending on where you are geographically, most weeds tend to start growing at the beginning of spring when the soil temperature starts rising. Then you will see other breeds of weeds start sprouting up in fall and winter. We would recommend that you start using pre-emergent now, since it is the beginning of spring. Give the weed-prone areas of your property a second treatment after 6 weeks.

If you’re interested in pre-emergent lawn care, hire the experts at Seasonal Yard Work & Landscaping, Inc. Reach us by phone (440) 937-9675 or by filling out a form on our contact us page.

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